The new Ep - Sleepless

Just when the Autumn coolness starts to creep in, and before another leaf falls, we bring you a littlesomething that will bring warmth and euphoria to you. The eloquence of sound, the heart-raising rhythm, we present... Stereo Underground's debut release on Crossfrontier Audio: the Sleepless EP. Learning his craft playing with the best in the industry, Stereo Underground, otherwise known as the Israel based Yariv Etzion, has been patiently waiting for his time to unleash his enchanting music into the wider public. Dabbling away day after day in the studio, finding what works the crowds in some of the biggest clubs in Israel and beyond, and finally releasing a string of tracks and remixes that are making the hairs on people's necks stand up, so naturally, we couldn't wait to bring him onto Crossfrontier Audio. With the Sleepless EP Stereo Underground delivers two original and tantalising new works, and you'd think that isn't much, but each track builds up a momentum and atmosphere so strong, any and all deep seated groover will be satisfied by what's up for grabs. From beginning to end, each piece will have you craving more. From the harrowing thunder of Sleepless, to the vivid detail of Fading Stars, each track is a journey in itself, and we invite you to explore their depths, be-it at home or on the dance-floor. With this EP, we're sure that Stereo Underground is just getting started, and what a way to get things going, with a superb EP on Crossfrontier Audio.

#progressivehouse #Beatport #MarcPopcke #Techno

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