Debut release on Lost&Found

With the excellent Lost & Found imprint from Guy J, you know you are always assured of quality goodness, and this time Stereo Underground makes his debut on the label. His recent productions have graced Sudbeat, Plattenbank and Crossfrontier Audio, gaining a large fan base of clubbers and DJ's alike. 'Northern Lights' is a beautiful warm vibed gem, that oozes quality and coolness, as subtle layers merge effortless, as intricate melodies float over washes of warm, underpinned by a subby bass that adds depth. 'Glacier Meadows' continues the dreamy story, as this restrained and sophisticated first half of the tracks lulls you in, before a filthy kick in with growly bass and emotional melodies will take the roof off. Don't say we didn't warm you!

Buy the tracks here:…-meadows/1947337

The official video here:

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